Hardcover house is the product of consumption upgrading. The consumer group iterates. The young people born after 8090 tend to live in a convenient, time-saving and labor-saving way. But the infinite rise of hardcover room also produced a few malpractice: the problem such as monotonous decorate a style, decorate quality to differ to make a person revile. But hardcover room brought new direction for furniture enterprise, also spur furniture enterprise to advance, meet the quantity change to achieve qualitative change.

The place that makes a person revile most before hardcover room basically is cookie-cutter decorate a style and household decorates quality to be inferior to cannot be trusted. In the Internet era, facing the requirements of the era of refined decoration, real estate enterprises are relatively easy to avoid some problems in the past and do better. At the time of booking via virtual display each suite accordingly according to requirements of the owner's personal decoration design scheme, the owner can choose different in a lot of household building materials brand quality, material, color, price and so on products, basic meet the personality requirements when making a room in the future, even better than the owner individual autonomy to decorate.
Where to go
Face the rise trend, clothbound room furniture industry should rely on the whole household furniture design, manufacture, service ability, brand influence rapidly to the upstream of the real estate industry, actively participation, hardcover room project implement cross-border cooperation to win market share accordingly.
For example, a furniture enterprise successfully held hands with vanke, a leading real estate enterprise in China, by virtue of its comprehensive evaluation in strength, design and manufacturing capacity, product quality, customer service and social reputation. Fundamentally changed the furniture industry from being a looter to a winner. This furniture enterprise takes the initiative to attack the success, is actually a golden banner of the industry, for the furniture industry in the interstitial survival, growth, development to open up a new road.
In fact, the prevalence of hardcover houses is a good thing for the furniture industry. The furniture market will be more standardized, and the operation mode and service mode will also be greatly improved. Furniture industry or will face the survival of the fittest reshuffle, the hardcover era will be a key turning point in the development of furniture enterprises.
The arrival of the hardcover house era, furniture enterprises will face a variety of transformation:
The first is to cooperate with real estate companies, through the industry bidding for the house furniture, to follow the trend of hardcover.
Second, in addition to just needed commercial housing to do supporting, but also for high-end residential, villa areas to do customized hardcover.
Third, timely capture user demand and develop secondary housing furniture supporting market.
Fourth, to improve the product supply chain, in the future hardcover era, with high-quality furniture hardcover and soft decoration accessories to bring users a new super experience.
Facing the advent of the hardcover era, many furniture enterprises and dealers are trying their best to actively cooperate with developers. Vanke, over the years, for example, an enterprise contracting Evergrande developers such as engineering, clothbound room although products unit price is down, but after all, talking into a project is a large contract, also save a lot of business cost. In addition, in view of the strengthening of personalized demand in the market, the enterprise is also taking the road of whole-house customization. Both sides are developing together, so it can be said that the future market prospect is good. On the other hand, the arrival of the hardcover house era will have a positive impact on furniture branding construction. Because real estate business is in push hardcover room while, furniture product brand also can get publicity, let furniture brand be understood by consumer as soon as possible. Of course, the real estate enterprises will also look for credit, better known brand cooperation. Such strong cooperation will strongly promote the branding of furniture enterprises.
And to the furniture business that abides by convention, its either continue to serve for less and less billet market, or try to be combined by the large enterprise that has ability, or exit the market. Can really be clothbound room age, one is accelerated test and adapt to the furniture enterprise, the second is on the design ability, production capacity, supply chain construction of substantive breakthrough large-scale furniture enterprise.
Spur furniture enterprise quality change
This change in ascension is multifaceted.
The first is production capacity, the flexible production line transformation that many enterprises are doing. Enterprises should enhance their production capacity, not only improve their overall production capacity, but also improve their technological level, product quality and customized production capacity. It's not easy to customize your home or home, but partial customization or integrated customization services are available to many businesses. Hardcover room is impossible again resemble before the same sameness thunder and same decorate, individual character demand diversifies the requirement is mainstream, the enterprise must have corresponding service ability.
Second, with the production capacity, quality is still needed. The consensus of furniture enterprises is that the product quality must be excellent, the technological level should be improved, and the product quality should be enhanced.
Third, in the product research and development, it is also necessary to lean to the hardcover housing market. Dongguan gold and furniture, said an official with the marketing of enterprise's new series products of new Chinese style is very pay attention to cooperate with market clothbound room, this is now a mainstream market clothbound room decoration style, concise fashion products, color is given priority to with simple but elegant color supplemented by a small ornament, pay attention to two hall, is a joker features, and cost-effective. In fact, some multifunctional furniture and small size furniture on the market are aimed at the hardcover room just in need of market development. There are also some enterprises not good grasp, product development of the incoherent, nature difficult to survive. Some enterprises develop various styles of products in large quantities and compete with all types of products.
In addition, from the perspective of the current market, the most significant impact of hardcover houses on furniture enterprises is the change in the thinking mode of enterprises, so as to generate changes in marketing promotion, brand operation and profit model.
For now, the furniture enterprise with hardcover room is still mainly rely on the dealer or the third party company to cooperate, hardcover room for furniture enterprise is not what obstacles, but it will bring new business for the furniture industry to change, there is a market for change, a business model reconstruction, and this is a must to face problem for furniture enterprises.
The development of furniture industry is the concentration degree will be higher and higher inevitably, hardcover room plays the role of accelerating and screening to a certain extent. How to choose and how to participate in the current transformation and upgrading of furniture enterprises in the key period of the new test.
In a word, the period of hardcover house, the major turning point of the real estate industry, the real estate downstream related industries have a chain effect. In the face of new competition pattern, the transformation of design institutions has also become a trend, which is either soft decoration customization or high-end customization design.